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This mildly sweet white fruit known as pitaya, pitahaya, or dragon fruit, grows on a cactus vine, and is native to Mexico.

To prepare a pitaya for consumption, the fruit is cut in half to expose the juicy inside. The fruit’s texture is similar to a kiwifruit because of its black, crunchy seeds. The flesh, which is eaten raw, is mildly sweet and low in calories. The seeds are eaten together with the flesh, have a nutty taste and are rich in lipids, but they are indigestible unless chewed.

Pitaya can also be eaten chilled, frozen, juiced, blended, or used to flavor other beverages. Order for white fruit

The total weight of each box varies depending on the size, shape, and mass of the white fruit:
–¬†Small Box¬†contains up to 3-5 pounds.
–¬†Large¬†Box¬†contains up to 8-10 pounds.
–¬†Extra Large¬†Box¬†contains up to 16-20 pounds.
–¬†Bulk Box¬†contains up to 34-40 pounds.


We ALWAYS recommend ordering a LARGE BOX for the best value, when compared to a Small Box. Because shipping, handling, and delivery are so expensive per package, the Large Box will contain more fruit and ultimately a better value. 

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Extra Large Box, Bulk Box, Large Box, Medium Box, Small Box


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